Sacred Sites, Mystical Portent

There are sacred place on the Earth, entrances to the mystical Kairos — place of wonder and mystery that we feel rather than see. They are portals to an unseen…

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Nature’s solution?

Satellite imagery has just revealed that a tiny uninhabited island in the Bay of Bengal has submerged below the ocean. The island, called South Tappatti by Bangladesh or New Moore…

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Sharing commonalities where they exist

I applaud everyone engaged in an effort to find commonalities between various religious traditions. As we each filter our understanding through the lens of our own experience, we should be…

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Nature speaks silently

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My prunus tree is in blossom. On the bare branches that seemed so lifeless a few short weeks ago, the woody arms of the tree are now hidden by an…

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Evolving Into a Sacred Humanity

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As women walking the path to the conscious evolution of a sacred humanity, we are aware of the qualities of the Sacred Feminine in ourselves and in the world—a respect…

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Building a digital community

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Everyday I learn more about the potential and possibility of what we can do in cyberspace. I am so gratified by the growing community that is connecting on my fb…

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Sacred Stories

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Were we created because God loves stories? We create our personal stories that tell us who we are— to ourselves. We also create our personal stories to tell the world…

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