Conscious Transformation Matters: Kabbala, Cards and Consciousness

Our newsletter is born!

Welcome to the first newsletter from ‘Conscious Transformation Matters’ where ancient wisdom traditions and evolving consciousness embrace, deepening and restoring our connection with the intuitive. Believing as I do that the future is not prescribed, but rather is being created by the beliefs we hold and the thoughts we think, each newsletter will bring a chance to consider the changes and choices we make to align our actions with the creation of future we envisge. Like a nourishing meal for the spirit, each email will include a taste of mystical wisdom to spark the intuition and a Tarot reading offering food for thought regarding our priorities for the week ahead, as we set our affirmations and intentions to live a little more consciously each day; we will end with something sweet— a touch of artistic beauty to delight the heart.


The inner face of Judaism, kabbalah, offers the mystic a way of life that is based on the understanding that we are all deeply connected to a whole that is greater than its parts. Mysticism is an honoring of the mystery out of which we were born and to which we will return. Its teachings are many.

The Tree of Life is a diagram of oneness and interconnection, comprising 10 sefirot (cosmic chakras) and 22 pathways. Each sefirah has a specific energetic vibration that is reflected in you and me, according to the soul qualities we own, enhance and share with the world.

This week’s teaching: All is one, interconnected and whole.

Cards: Becoming The Blessing:

By reconnecting with the intuitive, we slip into an awareness of the present moment and all it has to offer. Drawing three cards from the Tarot deck each week motivates our consideration. In the Jewish tradition, words must lead to action if they are to be meaningful. Instead of uttering a blessing when so moved ( we are told we should be doing 100 a day), as consciousness evolves, we understand we must ‘become the blessing’ and in so doing, initiate the changes we wish to see. Where do we start? Right here, right now.

This week’s cards:
King of Wands, The Lovers, The High Priestess

The King of Wands is the consumate wizard; even while making manifest his magic, he does not take himself seriously, reminding us that Divinity has a sense of humor.At the same time, he is goal-driven, knowing a strategy is important for manifesting our spiritual goals.

The Lovers is the ultimate experience of seeing and being seen. It speaks of the recognition of our oneness. As the outer world is a reflection of our inner beliefs, this card speaks of a wholeness within— the sacred marriage in which our own masculine and feminine interweave, igniting and harmonizing both our intuition and our ‘can-do’ practicality.

The High Priestess is the symbol of Intuitive wisdom. She calls us back to the present moment— away from the nostalgic reminiscences of the past and possible promises of the future. She gifts us with patience, allowing things to ripen in their own season. She is our connection with the mystical.

Becoming The Blessing: This week’s cards remind us as we move out of Mercury retrograde, the summer in the northern hemisphere blooms and winter in the south approaches, now is the time to envision what we want, spend time on creating a step-by-step plan as to how we wish to move forward, dreaming big and acknowledging we have the creative ability to make manifest what we can visualize. In honoring our intutive wisdom, and committing to making the necessary changes to align our physical reality with our vision, we step into our own authenticity and become a shining example for those around us.

What are you going to do to bring this creative blessing into your life? Committing our intentions to paper by journalling helps keep us on track and mindful of what we wish to accomplish this week.

Mandala Magic: Ola Joseph teaches: Diversity is not about how we differ but rather about embracing one another’s uniqueness.