The Parallax Oracle: Archetypal Kabbalah, Tarot and The Tree of Life

If you would like to read the Minor Arcana with the heart of a kabbalist, this is the book and deck of cards to you. Just as the Fibonacci sequence underlies the sacred geometric spiral of life, the kabbalistic Tree of Life underlies the mythic human journey of spiritual beings. In an age of cultural fusion, what happens when you interweave Kabbala and Tarot? You find a spiritual practice, deepening intuitive awareness and connecting us to the underlying Oneness of all Life. Experienced Tarot readers add nuanced layers of spirituality to their present understanding of the Minor Arcana. Aspiring kabbalists find in these images and explanations new insights that awaken the experience and expression of self-discovery and personal empowerment. The cards become flash cards for intuitive confirmation to the questions we all have.

The Syzygy Oracle: Transformative Tarot and The Tree of Life

Dodona Books, 2013 is also available from this website, from amazon and all book sellers. The deck of 32 cards designed as a daily spiritual practice is available separately.

Astronomically, ‘syzygy’ (pronounced scissor-gee) refers to a specific conjunction of the sun, moon and earth at a certain time in the cosmic cycle. Jung used this term to describe the balancing of the opposites. On Mother Earth, our ego development is profoundly influenced by the the radiance of the sun and the luminescence of the moon as we journey between light and darkness, physically and metaphorically. In The Syzygy Oracle we consider how solar energy effects ego development as the lunar glow influences the evolution of our essence. We learn to balance the two as we travel the twenty-two pathways of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life (Eitz Chaim.) Offered as a daily spiritual practice rather than a tool of prognostication, the hero’s journey offers this fresh interpretation of the Tarot’s ‘Major Arcana as an introduction to the mysteries of kabbalah. The Tree of Life (Eitz Chaim) is the map of the journey just as the Tarot becomes a tool for understanding the Tree of Life. Irrespective of your knowledge or personal association with Hebrew or the cards of the Tarot deck, The Syzygy Oracle provides and accessible entry point for everyone.

The Oracle Speaks The Magic Moon Lenormand Guide and Workbook

This step-by-step guide takes the beginner through the stages necessary for deepening intuitive skillfulness through the use of Lenormand Oracle; each deck used encourages us to trust our own intuition. The more we do, the easier it becomes to step into this ancient stream, reclaiming the wisdom of the connected field that is our reality. My own experience in learning to use this oracle served me well in preparing the book that accompanies the new deck, The Magic Moon Lenormand. Whether you plan to start your oracular work with this deck (in many ways, it is much simpler to learn than Tarot) or come with a familiarity with other divination practices, this book is for you. Lenormand cards can be used on their own, or can offer an additional layer of insight for any reading. I offer suggestions on using both Tarot and Lenormand in a 30 minute reading.

My approach to divination comes from the perspective of a mystic, enthralled with Kabbalah. With Lenormand, I start with a working knowledge of Tarot and the hero’s journey. I offer a contemporary take on this oracle— the patriarchal tenor of earlier interpretations has been replaced with an egalitarian perspective on life. The book contains full-page illustrations of each card and simple, detailed information as to how to use them.

In addition to the book, for a nominal charge, a 36 page .pdf is available for download — a complete ‘dictionary’ (sample reference guide) for reading 2 card combinations.

The Sacred Mandala Tarot: Mystery, mindfulness and manifestation

Brings mindfulness and conscious evolution into the realm of Tarot. With a foreword by Carrie Paris, and endorsed by leaders in the world of Tarot as both a counselling tool as well as a meditative practice, the book included full-page black and white illustrations of each card together with keywords for its use, a specific mantra and details about the meaning of the cards and sacred geometry included in each image. The elegant 78 card deck offers a contemporary mirror of 21st century American society with its celebration of cultural and gender diversity as it weaves kabbalah, mindfulness and Tarot together. The combo is available from her website and from amazon.

Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve: Retrieving the healing gift of the Sacred Feminine

O Books, 2009

What if the story of Eve is wrong? Beneath the literal surface of text, Eve, the quintessential hero and positive feminine archetype for our evolving consciousness awaits our recognition, remembrance and reclamation. Eve can lead the way to hope and healing for the global human family, and leads the way to the spiritual expansion of consciousness. This dance in search of the Sacred Feminine is a multi-layered odyssey of transition and transformation that moves to a feminine beat. Based on the mystical Four Worlds of Kabbalah it reveals the concealed Eve who can lead the “children of Israel” to the radiance of the “promised land” which is our own spiritual maturity. We discover an evolving image of Divinity, constantly present and continually changing, as ancient as Judaism and contemporary as the moment that speaks to the transformation potential of the present moment.

Are you ready to join the dance?

Towards Freedom: A feminist haggadah for men and women

A Word of Art, 1995.

This delightfully readable feminist haggadah for men and women, presents a mystical interpretation of an ancient ritual that has great significance and meaning for all who are not fully empowered to be who they are. It is a mystical retelling of the archetypal hero’s journey towards conscious evolution. Beneath the surface of its literal meaning, we find the classic archetypal odyssey of spiritual beings on a human adventure. Using the feminine voice and a wealth of delightful imagery, Heather Mendel offers a kabbalistic interpretation of the ancient exodus from Egypt (mitzraim) which in Hebrew means ‘constriction.’ This is a mystical map we all undertake when ready to leave the restrictions of total reliance on the material world. Like Moses and Miriam, we wander through the wilderness of our inner landscape to find connection, community and consciousness. Introducing readers to the Four Worlds of Kabbalah, through her words, drawings and calligraphy, Heather Mendel explores the mythic symbols of our tradition as she honors the Sacred or Divine energy that is rising from the depths, as we evolve our consciousness to become all that we may be.

“This haggada is delightful in its text and artwork and should be available for the larger community.”
Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade

“I have made a point of sending Heather Mendel’s beautiful feminist haggada to friends all over the country.”
Iris Dart, author of ‘Beaches‘

Two Trees in Eden Four Worlds, Four Seasons, Four and Fruits, Four Questions

At last! Here is a seder service of healing for Tu B’Shvat—The New Year Of The Trees. Offered as a kabbalistic storytelling that reminds us of our connection and responsibility to honor the earth, we read, we share, we eat— enjoying nourishment for both body and soul. The cover image is from a card I designed for The Syzygy Oracle and reminds us that we live in a world of polarities. Our challenge is to move from fear to love. We ate from the Tree of Knowledge and aspire to the Tree of Life.

Are you curious, willing and courageous enough to journey forward?