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Were we created because God loves stories? We create our personal stories that tell us who we are— to ourselves. We also create our personal stories to tell the world who we are and what we want others to know about us. The sacred stories that we believe— about who we are, why we are here, and where we are going— set the stage for our personal tales. How does your personal story (that you share with the world) begin? Mine starts with “what if?” Perhaps these words, that seem to sum up my inner journey, should be on my tombstone. “She lived with ‘what if’ as a motivational impetus in her life.”

I think back to what seems like another lifetime ago in the early 90s, when I was trying to promote my calligraphic designs and my brother suggested the ‘world wide web’. “Sure,” was my answer, “I’ll do that— what is the world wide web?” I learned. Around that same time, a friend who was a published author attended a spirituality workshop I was leading. “You should write this all down – write a book,” she said. “Sure, I’ll do that – how do you write a book?” and she showed me.

I wonder if we knew what will be involved in the decisions we make, would we be willing to start the many ventures that make us who we are? I am so glad that I jump in, naive and and optimistic, on the many paths and adventures to further spiritual growth.

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  1. paddy

    LOL My life story would have to begin with “why?” For example, why did it take me 15 minutes to figure out how to log in? Why couldn’t I be more computer literate? Why would anyone want to read this comment anyway? I suppose the real growth begins when I pay attention to the word that follows, such as “why not?”

    Beginning with “why?” has created a life that is some what static. This is good, I contemplate a lot, notice a lot, reflect a lot. Wisdom has come as well as the voice of spirit. However, I think I would like to sit in the place of what if?, or how about? for a while. These are more action words. I would like to move into the space of doing, interacting, putting myself out there.

    Guess that is why I am posting to the blog this morning. Thanks for sharing my efforts to step out of my comfort zone. Paddy

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