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The Parallax Oracle: Archetypal Kabbalah, Tarot and The Tree of Life

In a contemporary and minimalist design, Heather Mendel has created a visually pleasing and spiritually awakening deck of 58 cards that engage the intuitive — the voice of The Sacred Feminine that continually guides us – if we pay attention. The Tree of Life is the chosen design on the black background of every card; in her traditional style, she reminds us of the mystery out of which everything emerges. The color of the Tree—yellow, green, red or blue, connects with Wands, Coins, Cups or Swords. A symbol at the base of the Tree is an extra reminder of the Suit. The number is predominant on the Tree and in the case of the Court cards, a specific crown in a predetermined placement is included. Two addition mystery cards in purple are added suggesting the journey down or the return journey up the Tree is the focus for the moment. Experienced Tarot readers add nuanced layers of spirituality to their present understanding of the Minor Arcana. Aspiring kabbalists find in these images and explanations new insights that awaken the experience and expression of self-discovery and personal empowerment. The kabbalistic teaching of the 10 ‘cosmic chakras’ (sefirot) become a practical tool for spiritual practice. The Four Worlds become familiar as readers understand the interconnection of the four Suits; three levels of soul development — nefesh, ruach, and neshama — become evident in the understanding on the Court cards and their application to finding meaning and balance in our lives.

Using this deck, readers will understand the underlying connection to the realms of sacred geometry and numerology and begin to relate to these ancient wisdom traditions in deeper ways than ever before.

The Magic Moon Lenormand Oracle

In her bold, elegant and distinctive style, Heather Mendel offers The Magic Moon Lenormand as a set of workbook guide and 2 decks of cards— one regular in size and the other, a mini. This gives users a choice of which size deck to use for regular readings, and for the Grand Tableau, the two deck design makes the layout for the full reading very simple. The larger deck is sequentially laid down for the Houses and then the smaller deck is shuffled and set out over the larger cards, leaving the relevant House card information visible. Her illustrations are simple, her color palette bright and the background is black to honor the unknown mystery from which the intuitive springs. As a bonus, there are 4 additional large cards wth added choices for Man and Woman— as well as to the profile face silhouettes, there is a female and male figure, and the iconic male and female symbols for those who like to read these card to represent masculine and feminine energy. Included in the logo at the top of each card is its name and number as well as its associated playing card. To make the connection with the playing deck easily recognizable for added layers of information, the border designs are color coded— yellow, blue, green and pink—all carefully described and explained in the book.

The Sacred Mandala Tarot

Created in her signature style, embellished with a collections of beautiful kaleidoscopic mandalas, The Sacred Mandala Tarot is Heather’s newest deck and book, designed to compliment The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle. These two decks which can be used together or alone. The Sacred Mandala Tarot is a deck of 78 images that mirror contemporary American culture with it its diversity of gender, ethnicities and cultures. The accompanying 200 page book introduces and interweaving of Tarot and Kabbalah and the practice of mindfulness as a way to strengthen the intuitive sense. The card design is simple and minimal, the Major Arcana cards are circular, the Minor Arcana, rectangular. With the mandala at the top of each card, is the card number and around the mandala, the name. Now available, please order your copy here.

The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle

Created in her signature style, embellished with a collections of beautiful kaleidoscopic mandalas, The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle is Heather’s newest creation. The Leonormand Oracle is fast becoming the most popular way of ‘reading the cards’ because of its ease and accuracy. A deck of 36 cards, each comprised a simple object, are not drawn singly, but rather in groups like words in a sentence, in answer to a questions that is posed. The combination of these images spark our intuitive senses to communicate with us in ways that are easy to understand. Lenormand is a great tool to develop confidence in your ability to perceive and enjoy the coincidences, synchroncities and serendipities around us— delightful clues that the magical and mystical intuitive sense is alive and well. Like the cards of The Syzygy Oracle that draw together Tarot, Kabbalah and the search for the Sacred Feminine, the cards of The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle feature simple silhouettes on a black background that honors the mysteries in our lives. The white frame on each card helps us connect the symbols to one another as we learn to read the cards in sentences. Each symbol is paired with the decorative element of a kaleidoscopic mandala, surrounded by a calligraphic ring composed of the name and number of the card. The mandala in some way connects to the symbols on the card— through color, shape or mood, or in the case of’Lily’ I created mandalas using a photo of a cala lily; similarly for clover, I used a photo of the object itself. At the base of each card is the pip and number of the card that ties it to the playing cards. Available here.

The Syzygy Oracle

Designed to accompany the book of the same title, the 32 cards of The Syzygy Oracle are divided into 2 decks: 22 archetypal images that reinterpret the Major Arcana of the Tarot with empowering female figures from world culture. Designed for a personal spiritual practice that reveals the multiple and intermeshing hero’s journeys that cycle through our lives, these 22 cards awaken the Sacred Feminine within as consciousness evolves into a deeper appreciation of the mystery of our lives. The additional 10 cards in this deck represent the ten sefirot (cosmic chakras) of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, linking the hero’s journey, the Major Arcana and the pathways of the Tree of Life as a paradigm and map of our earthly sojourn as spiritual beings. Please note that the numbering of the cards in this deck is in accordance with the Hebrew letter/number system in which Alef is 1, Bet is 2 and so on through the deck, aligning Alef/1 with The Fool and Tav/22 is The World. My intuitive sense is this valid, ancient and possibly the intention in the foundational numerical ordering of the Tarot’s Major Arcana; however, for those familiar with other decks that start with The Fool as 0 and The World as 21, The Syzygy Oracle deck invites you (if the numbers are of significance in your reading) to determine at the outset which numbering system you wish to follow. The deck works either way. The original deck mirrors everything exactly as it appears in the book; a revised deck is also available that includes the traditional name of each card in the lower left corner of each card within the black frame around the image which replaces the English number. Available here.

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You can also download FREE Black and White versions of the Syzygy Oracle Cards by clicking on the following link. These cards are 4 x 6 .jpg images.