Sacred Sites, Mystical Portent

There are sacred place on the Earth, entrances to the mystical Kairos — place of wonder and mystery that we feel rather than see. They are portals to an unseen realm, that on passing through, we are transported from the mundane world, and its fixation with the clocks and calendars of Chronos time, as described in my book, “Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve.”

I have personally never visited Petra, but have seen photos and read descriptions such as in Dorothy Atalla’s new book, “Conversations with the Goddess.” Having been to Antelope Canyon and the Anasazi villages of the South West, I do know the powerful energy of such places, transformative energy that may remain dormant, perhaps for years, before we understand the impact of our having being there.

Our digital world is amazing and can transport us in time and space, connecting us as a global family in ways never before imagined. However, digital travel does not allow us to touch and be touched by the magical energy of sacred places. The shared spiritual journeys of those who are fortunate enough to have been there, lifts our imaginative yearning and allows us to soar. Atalla’s journey begins in Petra, Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann, describe mystical Greece in their book, “Traveling with Pomegranates.” We fly with them as we enjoy both books that provide joyful reading experiences for women longing to connect with their spiritual source.