Evolving Into a Sacred Humanity

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As women walking the path to the conscious evolution of a sacred humanity, we are aware of the qualities of the Sacred Feminine in ourselves and in the world—a respect for wisdom of the natural world, of which we are a part; for the deep connection we enjoy with one another; with the ability we have to love unconditionally, as a mother loves her new born baby without having seen or knowing anything about that child; the ability to learn from one another through the use of story – stories told, heard and felt. The Sacred Feminine pays heed to the invisible realms that give birth to the inexplicable coincidences, synchronicities and serendipities that give meaning to our lives— all of which can be summed up in the term connective intimacy

And what of the Sacred Masculine? We are all too aware of the secular masculine qualities on which our society is based— hierarchy, competition, domination and destruction, judgment, power and control over others, violence, linear thinking that is wedded to science, and a greedy consumerism as the only was to function. The ManKind Project, acknowledging the abilities and talents of the Sacred Masculine, teaches authenticity, responsibility, accountability, commitment and service as the path to follow. Such characteristics are desirable in us all and will lay the foundations of a harmonious society.

The Sacred Masculine, diverting the energies previously focused on our physical survival, can now hone in on honor, duty and respectful service— to the natural world, the global family and to the Divine, without the conviction of predetermined concepts. A penchant for scientific enquiry used in conjunction with an intuitive curiosity may lead the way to an enlightened vision of a peaceful future for all.