Numerology and the New Year

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Just as illustrated symbols open our inner worlds, so do numbers— symbols with which we are all very familiar in our day-to-day lives. Numerology is a study of the symbolic importance of numbers and how they pertain to us, as individuals and as a human family. As astrologers read the skies, and tarot enthusiasts the cards, numerologist Joan Scannell sees added layers of meaning not only in our birthdates, but how that date plays out as each year changes from one to another. I have taken the liberty of adding my own cards to Joan’s text as she applies this to the cards.

As 2016 gives way to 2017 this issue of the newsletter seems the perfect time to introduce Joan and her speciality. She believes 2017 will be a year of new opportunities and fresh starts, resonating as it does with the energy of ‘1’ (2+0+1+7=10/1)


The “1” year is all about new, healthy and natural beginnings. It’s also got a ‘take charge’ sense to it. We will definitely have the urge to start new things, improve our connection with others, and feel a deeper purpose to our lives. To quote Dr. Phil, these urgings will compel us to “put some verbs in our sentences.”

This means we may decide to start that new business we have been thinking about for a while. We may expand our social networks and connect with new associates. We might feel the itch to travel and check off some of those items on our bucket list. We may begin a new career path or work to really showcase a special talent we have.

Where ever we choose to make our fresh starts, know that the Universe naturally conspires to help us achieve these desires as long as they are aligned with our higher good and cause no intentional harm to another.

1 Magician

Magician – (Major Arcana 1) The Magician encourages us to be creative, individualistic, confident, and self-empowered. His message for the year tells us to take control of the resources around us and make the most of the opportunities presented to us. The Magician works his magic to manifest the things he desires. He does not just expect them to appear. That said, he warns us not to become too arrogant, selfish or deceptive in our practices as those energies are repellent to others, and ultimately plant bad seeds for a tainted future crop.

10 Wheel

Wheel of Fortune – (Major Arcana 10) – The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that our destiny is a fine combination of our concerted efforts toward a goal and the fickle hand of fate. Some times the wheel turns in our favor. Other times it doesn’t. The energy of the Wheel of Fortunes tells us not to worry about the hand of fate as there is little we can do to control it. Instead, it’s best if we pursue our path according to what feels right for us, and trust that things will fall into place as they should. This card tells us not to worry ourselves with things over which we have no control and to trust in the process of life.

Ace of Cups, Pentacles, Wands, Swords – (The Four Elements) This year, we can expect to have new opportunities in the areas governed by the four elements – water/love, earth/finance, air/ideas, fire/passions and opportunities. The Aces of each suit suggest new chances, opportunities or “gifts” from the Universe. What we choose to do with them will be the deciding factor with how they develop.

1 Cups

For instance, the element of water tells us there may be a chance to improve/grow an existing relationship, the opportunity to begin a new one or the potential for a baby to be born.

The element of earth suggests we will have new opportunities that makes life on the earth plane better – an investment will pay off, a raise will come, a new job will be offered, an engagement may occur, or a big problem will be solved.

1 Coins

The element of air suggests a fresher mindset and more mental acuity. Burdens, anguish, disappointment and frustrations will be released. More productive and healthier ways of thinking will manifest. Attention will shift away from problems and our focus will be on solutions and brighter futures.

1 Swords

The element of fire indicates we will feel motivated to make our deepest desires come to life. We will feel passion in our bellies and there will be confidence in our action. We will also feel more motivation and energy in our daily life. Those opportunities that are seized and appreciated will produce great success.

1 Wands

In closing, it’s important to note that that while this New Year will present many amazing opportunities, it is up to us to take advantage of them. Without purposeful action nothing will manifest productively. So with that in mind, commit right now to make 2017 a year for which your future self will thank you!

Experienced, knowledgeable and professional, Joan Scannell is an Authentic Life Mentor who uses Tarot and numerology to help individuals maximize their potential and develop the courage to live their best lives on a daily basis. Joan has been guiding people in the process for more than 25 years. As an experienced Tarot card reader, numerologist and astrologer, Joan’s mission in life is to “make the world a more peaceful place one healed soul at a time.” Joan is a regular reader at the Magic Moon, Saratoga’s oldest and most beloved Metaphysical Shop. Visit Other ways to connect include: Facebook – Joan Scannell Live Your Authentic Life, Twitter -@scannelljoan, and email –