Nature’s solution?

Satellite imagery has just revealed that a tiny uninhabited island in the Bay of Bengal has submerged below the ocean. The island, called South Tappatti by Bangladesh or New Moore by India, a reservoir of rich oil and gas deposits, is an example of global warming solving a problem that had caused bitter dissent between the two countries.

Are we going to wait for Nature to solve other disputes around the planet that tear peoples apart? In the space of a few short years we have witnessed the changes that can be brought to bear. Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami, Haiti and Chile readily come to mind. These natural disasters plead with us to re-examine our priorities. In the major hotspots of the world where for generations people have died because of human disagreement, powerplay and greed, do we intend to wait for Nature to step in and level the playing field? What, then will we tell our grandchildren, was the purpose of generations of bloodshed? Surely we can find solutions ourselves before it is too late.