Starting Each Day

I am so glad the TV and radio have off-switches! It seems when you think you have heard the worst thing imaginable, there comes something that surpasses your wildest imagining…

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Ancient arts, modern tools

Recently a respected friend mentioned the ancient art of scrying— the practice of looking into a translucent and reflective material in order to see beyond the limits of normal sight…

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Are you ready for truth?

It could be said that 'truth' is the elusive element we constantly seek as we make our way through the world. If there is one truth, where is it? How…

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The Hero’s Journey

In his interviews with Bill Moyers, Joseph Campbell brought to public awareness that through the myths and stories of all people across time and place, there is a theme of…

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Got reverence?

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Prof. Paul Woodruff reminds us that reverence is the key to peace. For many of us raised in western religious traditions, we associate reverence as the way we approach Divinity.…

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Finding our way

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As we invite the intuitive into our reality, we enter a fuller, richer way of living. We are able to sense what it is we are here to do. Barbara…

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Isn't the intuitive gift amazing? Take for example how the name of my new book, The Syzygy Oracle, came to get its title. Syzygy - the sibilant sound is as…

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