Heather MendelArtist, author, mystic, consciousness counselor and certified Zentangle instructor, Heather Mendel was born and educated in South Africa. Her latest work, The Parallax Oracle, published Oct 2020, completes her work on Tarot, Kabbalah and a search for the Sacred Feminine. Seven years in its creation, it follows The Syzygy Oracle, publish in 2012, a Major Arcana book and deck. This latest work is on the Minor Arcana and provides a unique perspective on Tarot and Kabbalah and deepening intuition, the voice of The Sacred Feminine.  Following on the success of her 2016 book and deck The Sacred Mandala Tarot: mystery, mindfulness and manifestation, came her 2018 project: The Magic Moon Lenormand Oracle and the accompanying book, The Oracle Speaks. Her earlier books are: Dancing In The Footsteps Of Eve: retrieving the healing gift of the Sacred feminine through myth and mysticism was published by O Books, 2009 and her feminist hagaddah: Towards Freedom: a feminist haggadah for men and women for which she wrote and typeset the text and hand-drew the illustrations, border design and cover was published in 1995.

Believing the future is not prescribed, and using her oracle decks, Heather offers one-on-one intuitive readings via zoom that focus on the beliefs we hold and the thoughts we think, which influence so profoundly our expectations. Once aware, we are in the position to make the most informed choices possible, creating our individual futures in a consciously evolving manner. Book your reading now.

After studying in Italy and the United States, she graduated as a speech and hearing therapist. She has taught the calligraphic arts and women’s spirituality in this country and abroad. An ongoing student of universal spiritual teachings, she combines her love of the written letter with inspirational wording in her commissions, both corporate and personal from her calligraphic studios in Upstate New York. She enhances her original designs with intricate, illuminated and painted borders that compliment her calligraphy. She has appeared on TV and radio talk shows in South Africa and in the U.S. In 1990 she was featured in a ten-part series she wrote and produced for public access television entitled: Words Of Art: An Introduction to Calligraphy. Her artwork has been featured in several one-woman shows on the West Coast.  Nothing Is As It Appears: mandalas, fractals and sacred geometry showed in Upstate New York and in California. Earlier exhibits of The Spirit and The Letter: calligraphic interpretations of spiritual truths was shown in various cities on the West Coast.