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Isn’t the intuitive gift amazing? Take for example how the name of my new book, The Syzygy Oracle, came to get its title. Syzygy – the sibilant sound is as melodious to the ear as the word is joyful to write. Many years ago, wearing my calligraphic designer hat, I was commissioned by DIRONA to annually inscribe the names of top North American restaurants on to bold and beautiful black, white and silver certificates that were being awarded by this esteemed organization for continued excellence. I inscribed the restaurant’s name on to each certificate in a large and flowing Italic script. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to eat in some of these fabulous places— always enjoying a joyful and personal sense of connection as I viewed my own handwriting in the wall. Syzygy was my favorite certificate to do. The word just flows. The restaurant is in Aspen – unfortunately I have not yet been there. I no longer have this commission and it is many years since I did my last certificates for them. But the word stayed with me. I never knew what it meant. A few months ago, as I was completing my newest book and the accompanying deck of cards that I designed to interpret the Major Arcana, the word came to me in a meditation one morning. This time I went to the web and discovered to my amazement and delight that it refers to a conjunction of the sun, moon and earth at certain points in the cyclical cosmic dance of the planets. Additionally Jung used the term to describe the balancing of the opposites. How perfect— the book is about creating a daily spiritual practice based on Kabbalah and Tarot to seek balance amid the polarities in life.It is about archetypal mentors and the hero’s journey. I use the mythic analogy of solar and lunar energy and influence we can access on the pathway from ego to essence as we consciously evolve. It is a great example of how the intuitive sense gifts us constantly. If we pay attention, we see, we hear, we feel. The appropriate response is ‘yespleasemorethank’ a technique I describe in the book, which together with the deck of cards will soon be available on a website near you:-) Perhaps I will actually get to eat at that fabulous restaurant in Aspen Co. Now wouldn’t that be the perfect place to launch the book . . . .