Sacred Geometry: a lingua franca?

For anyone moved by the beauty and patterning seen in any sacred geometric shape, perhaps you will agree that these designs speak to us in ways that surpass language. Anyone who has tried to create them knows how complex they really are— even with the software tools at our disposal today, the time and effort they require to make increases the fascination with their beauty.

In The Sacred Mandala Tarot, one of these shapes is aligned with each of the 4 suits of the Minor Arcana in an effort to appeal to our sense of beauty, design and mystery— as well as focussing attention on symbols that are universal in nature.

The Aces in a Tarot deck suggest the gift of something powerful and new being introduced (or reintroduce) into our experience, and gives us the opportunity to consider its qualities again.

1 Wands

The Wands are associated with the fiery and magical potential of intuition. The flaming Torus brings possibility, light and creativity. Flame is the color of this suit.

1 Swords

Swords represent thought, language and communication; the Ace is a gift of fresh insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Metatron’s Cube is the intricate design that ‘coincidentally’ has 78 pathways joining the centers of each circle, each representing one card in a Tarot deck of 78. The color of this suit is the blue of the sky and the lofty realms into which thoughts take us.

1 Cups

The Flower Life, a foundational design out of which so many other sacred geometric patterns arise is associated with the suit of Cups— the font of love and emotional fulfillment. Its color is pink, associated with rose quartz and flowers.

1 Coins

The final suit of Coins, is represented by the Tree of Life as the theme of this suit in The Sacred Mandala Tarot is gardening. Its color is green. The Ace of Coins is about living successfully in that natural world and finding health, happiness and prosperity.