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Card 31

Over the years I have had a few precognitive dreams. Not the dramatic awareness of a airplane crash or earthquake 3 days before it actually happened— no, significant only to me as a sign of an interconnection of my inner and outer realities and the questionable validity of ‘time.’ Realizing now, in 2013 that like millions of others, I am dealing with a gluten sensitivity, I was thinking back to symptoms I had over the years that were never really explained— a skin irritation that would come and go and was not diagnosed, Vit D levels that were precariously low and only discovered after a broken bone would not heal. Is it possible I been dealing with this for over 30 years? The memory of a precognitive dream surfaced once again. Some 35 years ago, I woke up one morning hearing the word ‘serology – serology – serology’ reverberating within me. Not a word with which I was familiar, I wondered if it was spelled ‘cerealogy’ or ‘serology.’ I was amazed, at a lecture later in the day, when the word serology was used and I delighted in the ‘coincidence.’ I thought I had forgotten this experience till today. As I was trying to think back to when I first had any inkling of gluten-related symptoms, this dream came to mind — as if it occurred yesterday. Serology relates to the study of antibodies. The title for my new book, The Syzygy Oracle came to me in a similar fashion when I was writing the book as I explain and elaborate in its introduction. Do these coincidental dreams have more significance than we realize at the time? A stretch? Who knows? Makes me wonder . . .