The Life of a Mystic

If you were asked to define yourself in one word, what would that be? The word I resonate most closely with is ‘mystic’— a word that is perhaps not clearly understood by every one. As I use this term, it describes the ongoing process of how I live my life. Believing there is so much more to reality than what we perceive with the five senses, I walk that liminal line between the revealed and concealed, the known and the mysterious. I have often commented that on my tombstone one day should be the words: “She lived her life, pushing the spiritual boundaries to finding answers to question what if?


When I was younger, I shied away from using the word ‘artist’ as pertains to myself and preferred to describe myself as one who loved creating works of beauty. The word ‘artist’ seemed to imply a status that I did not feel I had attained. So to with this magical word ‘mystic.’ Older now, I realize that neither word implies completion but rather refers to the ongoing and evolving process of how we view and respond to the world around us in our own unique way. With the rise of the Sacred Feminine energies, I welcome and acknowledge the intuitive energies that sing through my being, I revel in joy of oneness and connection to all life that I sense and commit to making the world better, more beautiful, more loving by the way I live my life. The Baal Shem Tov taught that the first time something occurred it was considered a miracle; later, it became commonplace. I choose to live in the presence of miracles.

It has been said that when scientists reach the summit, they will find the mystics waiting for them. I await and celebrate their meeting as they dance together