Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve: a Jewish mystical path to healing and wholeness

For all friends in the St Louis MO area, Friday and Saturday, June 10 and 11 at Mercy Center, St Louis MO: Hope you will consider joining us for a very special weekend retreat to celebrate the Sabbath and experience a Jewish mystical setting. The weekend is open to people of all faiths and spiritual traditions.

Friday evening will begin with a presentation: Eve, God and The Quantum Age: stories past, stories present and stories and will be followed with discussion and meditation. Saturday will offer 3 sessions and lunch.
Session 1: Kabbalah: The Hidden face of Judaism
Session 2: The Tree of Life: walking the path of balance
Session 3: Creating Midrash in an age of conscious evolution

Presented by:
New Awakenings, a community seeking a deeper relationship with the Sacred – in ourselves, in one another, in the natural world and in the universe. We seek to integrate our own personal stories and our religious traditions in an environment that fosters self discovery, mutuality, creativity, deepening consciousness and spirituality; all of which lead to the ultimate reality – that we are one with all that is. For more information contact Ron Nimer nimron@sbcglobal.net or Janet Nimer nimjan@sbcglobal.net

Presenter: Heather Mendel, mystic, artist, writer and facilitator