Style, creativity and spirituality in a digital age

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How have both your creative and spiritual lives changed since the advent of computers? For our own development and conscious evolution we are we now able to instantly access more information, websites and videos than we ever thought possible; we can attend teleseminars and webinars with our favorite inspirational mentors than we would have thought possible just a few years ago.

What about the changes to what we have to say and how we express ourselves? My creative life broadened dramatically when a computer entered our home. As a ‘word artist’, I have been creating word-paintings of a spiritual nature for some twenty years. This aspect of my life broadened in ways I could never have imagined with a computer, photoshop and illustrator. I know I would never have considered writing without a computer.

I use the ‘handle’ wordartist for some of my email and as one of my websites that showcases my work as a calligrapher. I hope it applies to my writing as well. I often wonder why people chose the email addresses that they do — in a digital age, the choices we make are revealing. Using our own names may be the easy way to go. Many choose intriguing ‘handles’ that spurs our curiosity as to why they were chosen? Perhaps in a digital world where our nuanced voices, facial expressions and handwriting style are replaced by anonymous fonts, these addresses and domain names say as much about us as our handwriting used to reveal in times now past. If you are willing to take the time to share, I would love to know why you use the email address or website domain that you do?