Beautiful New Dawn

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After my stunned amazement that Obama has actually become our President Elect, I rejoice. I rejoice in his quiet, thoughtful dignity and his penchant towards commonality. I rejoice in the fact the process was completed in spite of electoral fraud and malfunctioning machines that dashed our hopes and our faith over the past two elections. I rejoice in the fact that I now feel part of the world again— that as Americans we are going to be able to take our rightful place in the community of nations with our heads held high. I rejoice in the fact that I am willing to watch the news once again. SInce the debacle in 2000 that replaced an election with a selection, I chose to minimize TV watching – it has been a long drought!

Together with many others in this nation and abroad, I start each day with a few moments of reflection and hold the Obama family in the light. The days feel different now as we anchor the New Age.