Spring 2009

As we prepare for the Spring festive season of Passover and Easter, our thoughts turn to new beginnings. With a new administration in Washington, this year the idea of a new start somehow feels more authentic. Jewish tradition teaches that on April 8, the planetary alignment will be it was ‘on the fourth day of creation.’ This is the commemoration of a cycle that repeats every 28 years, a celebration of the birth of sun at the vernal equinox.

Celebrating the origins of our planetary system gives us opportunities to express our gratitude — my thoughts turn to my wonderful group of friends who enrich my life in more ways than I can express. I thank all those who kindnesses to me are overwhelming. As I welcome the sun in the sky in the next few days, I will think of all of you. The sun’s birthday? Whatever one believes about such possibilities, this Spring seems a little more special and in spite of the severe downturn in world economics, it feels as if a corner has been turned and we are beginning to see the start of a new time and season. I wish everyone a joyful festive season