Rest in Peace Madiba

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Although the world knew that Nelson Mandela had become very frail over the past months, and his death was expected, the actual announcement of his passing brought up many memories of all who lived in South Africa during the years of the apartheid (correctly pronounced apart-hate) regime. Today the world knows of the obvious diabolical horrors of legalized separation of peoples based on the superficial notions skin color, language and or culture on which South African society was based for too many years. Less obvious, but clearly destructive too to the spiritual evolution of the human family, is the sense of entitlement that such a hierarchy brings to those in power. Judaism teaches that we best honor those we respect and love after death divides us, by incorporating into our own lives, the principles by which they lived— in the case of Madiba, the principles for which he was willing to die. South Africans, born during those devastating years, privileged to live in the U.S. as I do, or in South Africa and elsewhere carry the responsibility of bringing the light of a free democracy, respect, compassion and harmony into the world, because of what we experienced, whatever side of the great divide we were. My friend Nomphilo Mgilane and I started offering workshops in San Luis Obispo in 2011 on exactly this idea. Today I thanks Madiba for proving that transformation is possible, dreams do come true and the power of one to change the world is not impossible. Rest in Peace, Madiba. Your inspiration spurs us on to celebrate life by sanctifying our diversity