Celebration of Independence . . . ? What does this mean?

In the wake of another July 4th celebration, the question of independence and freedom is much on my mind as it coincides with my reading The Dark Lady’s Mask by Mary Sharratt— a well written novel providing perfect summer reading. It is the story a woman’s ingenuity in finding her independence and a way to live her life as authentically as possible under the strictures that women faced in the past— some still do. The story of a possible collaborator and muse for William Shakespeare is a fascinating tale with a layered theme about the relationship of women, education, intuition, creativity, Tarot and a connection to Judaism and the arts— what could be better for me?

In 2016 with a woman running for President and the question of feminism being discussed and considered, it may be a perfect time to think about how the introduction of birth control has radically changed the possibilities and potentials of women’s lives. When women can choose if and when to become mothers instead of having to bear a child annually or being held responsible for unintended pregnancies, independence can begin. Independence implies freedom of choice that some have attained; for some others it is a dream unrealized or unregnized as a possibility. Until all are free none of us are.