From Eve to Isis

In my fb group, Conscious Transformation, over the past 22 days, I have detailed and compared The Syzygy Oracles cards with a traditional Tarot deck and introduced the way the 22 cards correspond to the 22 pathways on Kabbalah’s Tree of life. As each card has an archetypal mentor, the hero’s journey through the Tree can be seen as one that goes from being to becoming.
Card 1


Card 22
Many new to the wisdom of the ancient Tarot are not yet familiar with the idea that it is more than a prognosticative tool with which to foretell the future. The hero’s journey described in the Major Arcana describes the pathway to wholeness and our evolution to consciousness. The Syzygy Oracle’s uniqueness is more than just having an unusual name that no-one can pronounce (it sounds like scissor-jee) or a card deck that is on black backgrounds which was specifically chosen to honor the mystery in our lives. This is the one card deck that interweaves the search for the Sacred or Divine Feminine, the wisdom of the kabbalah and the Tarot. for beginners and aficionados alike.

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