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Sept 29 2009

Tomorrow evening we welcome in the Jewish New year 5769. May it be a good year for all.
I plan to post the articles I have written over the past couple of years for the Women’s Press as a starting point for discussion. The blog will be aimed at creating a sharing space for the exchange of thought and feeling about sanctity in a secular world. I am Jewish and write from this perspective. I welcome the participation of men and women from all religious and spiritual traditions and look forward to sharing different ideas and perspectives.
Acknowledging the Sacred Feminine in our lives enables us to discover new ways of relating to one another, of establishing a value system we can treasure that crosses all artificial boundaries created by religious division, and of learning to celebrate the diversity that makes us so interesting while respecting the sacred spark within us that links as together as part of one human family.

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  1. Genie

    Happy New Year Heather. What a lovely way to celebrate your book and the sacred feminine inviting all to notice and honor that presence. Mazeltov, Jeanie

  2. Eve

    Happy New Year and congratulations on your contract, Heather.

    Regardless of all the drama – on so many levels! – in world today, I think it will be a good year.

    Much love to you,

  3. Heather

    Than you so much for your good wishes. We are all envisaging a newer, brighter, more beautiful world order

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