Building a Conscious Community

As the world is so rapidly changing around us, we are awakening to the need to participate in building a conscious community that will enable us to fully take our places and share the gifts we have to offer. The passion about making a difference is seeking expression. What is moving you?

After an inspiring one day retreat in SLO yesterday, many ask what is the next step in moving forward. I invite your comments here as we build an online community of women.

The importance of being part of a sacred circle cannot be overstated. An easy start is to be in contact with a few others who shared the experience of a retreat such as “Women Rising In Consciousness” and form a spiritual study group that will meet regularly. Connect with 4 or 5 others of like mind and find a weekly time to meet, support one another and grow. Find a book to read and discuss or rent an appropriate video to watch and discuss. For those privileged to hear Barbara Marx Hubbard yesterday, her work is a perfect launching pad. As midwife to the evolving consciousness that we all sense upon us, her work and that of her colleagues is a great place to start.

She poses the question: As a conscious co-creator, what is the gift you wish to give to the world?