2010 – an invitation to awaken to conscious evolution

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When asked how she is, my friend and mentor, Barbara Marx Hubbard of Santa Barbara responds: “Evolving, thank you and how are you?” I love this response and was delighted to find that Barbara was interviewed recently as part of a 14 week teleseminar that has caught the attention of 30,000 women from all over the world— listening in on the computer or telephone. A gathering of this size, by women all over the globe, is simply astounding— women from all walks of life responding to the call of the process of conscious evolution. We re responding to something we may not be able to articulate but whose validity we intuitively recognize.

At a recent Peace Conference, the Dalai Lama stated that “ the world will be saved by the Western woman.” Inspired by this sentiment and following their intuitive wisdom, in balance with their technological knowledge, Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zamitt (www.femininepower.com) devised and are presenting “Women on the Edge of Evolution”— an invitation to “awaken to the power to co-create our lives and shape the collective future.” The question they pose for us to consider is what our role as women will be, in the creature of our future on this planet— something profound to consider as 2010 opens for us.

In the New year, I plan to start a new conversation for women in the San Luis Obispo area based on this series and will welcome the participation of those who would like to be a part of this exploration. Please feel free to contact me at heathermendel@me.com should you wish to participate and I know we will gather together and watch our combined energy move us forward.