Serendipity and the natural world

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Synchronicity is the calling card of the Sacred Feminine. Once welcomed into awareness, we are given countless opportunities to see the underlying connections we share with Nature and with the great scheme of life. Keeping a synchronicity journal is the impetus to record the ‘coincidences’ that seemingly just happen to come our way. Coincidence it has been said, is God’s way of remaining anonymous!

Take the number 22 for instance— who knew that on noticing the coincidence of their being 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, 22 pathways on the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life and 22 cards in the Tarot’s Major Arcana this number would be popping everywhere in my conscious awareness and would lead to the writing of a book and the creating of a new deck of cards? Over the course of two years, my journey led me to experiment with sophisticated computer programs that assist in the creation of sacred geometric forms and fractals that would ultimately become the basis of a layering used in creating my deck of oracular cards. The addition of these symbolic layers add mystery and the ongoing potential of personal reflection and interpretation for the user.

Card 11

As I am writing this article, I look out of the window and see a beautiful hawk on the grass near a neighbor’s barbecue. The hawk is still, minute after minute. I wonder if it is injured and if I should be calling someone. I stop what I am doing and watch. After 15 minutes he (I mean the hawk— why do I assume it is a male?) starts running around the grill, under which I see a scurrying movement. A chipmunk is taking refuge under the grill. As he moves, the hawk circles, trying to get at the chipmunk without success. The dance of life and death continues until the chipmunk makes a run for it— and escapes. Lucky chipmunk, hungry hawk— do I mourn or celebrate? Aaah – life is filled with paradox. I have been faced with similar reflections when watching a pack of orcas approaching a seemingly unsuspecting seal off the Canadian North Western coast and watching two lionesses thwarted while trying to hunt a young impala in a South African game park. Yes, the buck got away— and the lionesses and their cubs were lean and hungry.

I look up the meaning of the hawk as a totem only to discover that is a call to the intuitive. The hawk is a connection to the spiritual realms, and seeing one, asks us to consider where our focus is taking us. I am reminded of the old adage “where attention goes energy flow.”

I have to laugh as I re-read the opening sentences of this short article. What clearer gift from Nature could there possibly than a hawk for someone writing about the intuitive and our connection to the natural world. My heart is filled with gratitude.