Experiencing Reality: Personal and Global

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Neuroscience explains that at birth, a child’s brain has approximately 100 billion neurons. With maturation, the number of neurons remains constant but the synaptic connections between them develop with each new experience, forming a unique configuration of connections that personalize each one’s brain, allowing us to interpret our reality through the framework of an individualized synaptic map.

As we see the flowering of women’s circles on a local level, and technology encourages us to connect in cyberspace with others of like minds, no longer are we limited by geographical considerations. Is it possible that what we are witnessing is the transformation and evolution of humanity’s synaptic map?

As patriarchal institutions are imploding- religiously, politically, financially and socially, a grassroots international connection between peoples is forming. These groups, local and global, are sharing personal stories and experiences, touching the hearts of those who listen. This teaching and learning experience is a natural and intuitive pathway to wisdom for women.

For American women who enjoy the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, now is a great time and place in which to speak our truth, so long denied us. It takes courage to step forward now that we have the opportunity- and we are empowering one another to take advantage of the moment.

In the place of patriarchal hierarchy, disempowerment and separation (of one from another, of ourselves from the natural world, and perhaps from God) a phoenix is rising- lifting us to the next rung in the ladder of evolutionary consciousness. For the first time, technology is making possible a rapidly growing network through which the human family relates and connects, creating a new reality – an empowering connection and celebration of diversity.

The past several hundred years have been tumultuous in the human story. The developing human intellect, beneficial in many ways, works best as a server rather than a master, one tool in our repertoire of ways of learning about our world. We have witnessed the worship of science and its heirs of mechanization, industrialization, consumerism and the ongoing tragedy of the colonization of less developed nations- through religion, culture and consumerism.

With the reawakening of the Sacred Feminine, we are remembering the joy of intuitive knowing, of mutuality, respect and relationship. We each have a part to play in this cosmic shift as we realize the importance of taking time- even a few minutes each day, to be present in our own lives, perhaps most easily done, by connecting, even for just moments a day, with the natural world. Everything we need to know can be learned from the trees in the garden or park. Rain, drought, sunshine or wind, day and night, they grow. They are. From them we learn presence and resilience. Their summer leaves sparkle in the sunshine, dancing in the afternoon winds. They fall effortless to the ground when it is time to release and make way for the new. Oh, at the end of each day, to be able to drop regrets, frustrations and upsets as lightly as they drops their leaves.

Just as each leaf dances to an individual melody of life in the community of the whole tree, in expressing who we are, we fulfill our individual destinies and expand the possibilities of the synaptic map not only of ourselves but of the whole human family.