A Pathway Into 2014

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As the artist and author of the oracle card deck and book entitled: The Syzygy Oracle, I had the pleasure of creating a Tarot deck and text that I believe is empowering for those in search of the Sacred Feminine— a card deck meant for personal use as a daily spiritual practice, one that does not require a outside professional Tarot reader. Rather than using the deck as a prognosticative tool, my intention is for all who may be interested, to use the 22 cards as stepping stones along the pathway of the coming year as the human family moves towards a major shift in conscious evolution. This deck is a primer of kabbala’s Tree of life and the magic of the Hebrew alphabet. Books, decks and other related items are available from my website – www.sacredfemininekabbalah.com as well as amazon and other sellers. Please accept my personal invitation to join the fb group: Conscious Transformation https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_142131108808 for in-depth sharing about kabbalah, intuition and spirituality as we celebrate our diversity and so sanctify Life.


With sincere thanks to Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals for the idea, here are 22 themes from The Syzygy Oracle to brighten your pathway in this New Year. None of the sentence end with a period . . . . see where they lead:

1. With faith and trust in the Infinite Good of Oneness, step forward courageously into Life
2. Realizing that our belief systems create and limit our sense of reality, be open to making your life magical, mythic and mystical

Card 2

3. Be patient as all things need time to ripen, evolve and reach fruition
4. Be as loving and compassionate to yourself as you would be to others you love

Card 4

5. Welcome the structure and organizational skills with which your intellect gifts you
6. Honor your curiosity and keep company with those who honor the unseen unknown mysteries of life

Card 6

7. Attend to the intuitive voice and follow the call of your heart
8. Strive for balance by turning awareness to the present moment

Card 8

9. With courage, be willing to tear through the illusions of separation that blind us
10. Know who you are worshipping to know yourself

Card 10

11. As the wheel of Life constantly turns, remember to everything there is a season
12. Acknowledge your passions and find ways of expressing your deepest emotions with authenticity and consideration

Card 12

13. Examine challenging circumstances from different points-of-view to bring depth and perspective
14. Endings bring beginnings just as dawn follows the dark

Card 14

15. Once broken open, our hearts lead us to create light from darkness
16. When fear becomes a choice that limits potential, realize we can break- free and step courageously into the unknown

Card 16

17. Reconnect with Nature every day, honoring the natural cycles of life and Oneness of which we are part
18. Nurture your inner life and nourish your soul

Card 18

19. Imagine, visualize and dream all that you can be and become
20. Recognize the pathway ahead, recognizing your limitless potential

Card 20

21. Honor your achievements as you play your part in this cycle of life
22. Celebrate all that you were, you are and you will be

Card 22