Welcome 2013 – the year of the Sacred Feminine

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My New Year’s resolution starts a month late. I want to blog with some regularity. Am I going to be able to maintain a once-a-week commitment?
I have had time to consider it carefully as the year 2013 begins. Once again, the doomsday prophets misunderstood— the world did not end on Dec 21, 2012— the new era began as in our journey towards conscious evolution as we become, in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s terms, ‘homo universalis.’

Why 2013 as the year of the Sacred Feminine? ‘Triskaidekaphobia’ (the fear of the number 13) is why many high-rise buildings and hotels go straight from 12 to 14. There are thirteen lunar and menstrual cycles in a calendar year; the moon travels thirteen degrees in the sky every twenty-four hours. Physically, emotionally and intuitively, women are linked to the moon. To the patriarchal mindset the number 13 represented femininity. Just as any new age tries to differentiate itself from past eras, considering the number 13 unlucky can been seen as part of the patriarchal suppression of the lunar calendar in favor of the solar cycle. Time to change that belief as we move forward.

As we see the values of the Sacred Feminine begin to influence American society, we celebrate society finding ways of leveling the playing field of all members of our human family as an example to all — same sex marriage is becoming accepted by a majority of people, more women are being voted into office, we are starting to look at the utter stupidity of allowing the public access to assault weapons and their murderous clips. The majority of Americans are beginning to realize that women are autonomous beings and need to be in charge of decisions about their own bodies. Climate change, eradicating pollution, finding alternatives to nuclear energy— it seems everything is entering our field of awareness, begging for solutions that will benefit ourselves, our planet and the generations that are yet to come.

Just as I welcome 2013 and the new age, I welcome your comments on ways in which you see evidence of the rise of the Sacred Feminine in our journey to conscious evolution.