The Power of Sacred Stories

Sacred stories have the power to change us from within. Although teller and listener may dwell in different times and places, through the magic and artistry of the tale itself, different worlds are momentarily and magically drawn together as the listener is moved from the world of Chronos with its emphasis on the clock and calendar time of past and future. In the moment of the story, is an invitation to step through the portal of Kairos, and into the mythic realm of intuition and imagination, where signs and symbols are the keys to further mysteries. Here, time as we know it ceases to be of importance, as this is the realm of the Eternal Now.

The inner child loves a story; the adult within searches for meaning. Feminine nature responds to the intuitive and masculine temperament to the logical. As individuals, we are composites of the children we were and the adults we become and it is in the tales we share and love, that we grow. As children, all our favorite stories began with ‘once upon a time’ and ended with ‘and they all lived happily ever after.’ In Western culture, the foundational story of how humanity found itself on this beautiful blue planet floating in space, begins in the Garden of Eden, a metaphor for Natures’ verdant setting. We certainly begin with ‘once upon a time’ but as we look at our present clash of world cultures in a natural world that has been gravely abused, can we honestly envision a ‘happily ever after’ for the human family?

With a traditional reading of the biblical Creation story, it is difficult to imagine. Kabbalah and mystical Judaism has always suggested that there are many ways to understand the mystery of our ancient stories if we are willing to delve below the superficial level. Awaiting discovery below the literal interpretation of the Garden of Eden, magical myth and metaphor are the keys that have the transformative power to alter the course of human history for our children and grandchildren. There is the potential for a ‘happily ever after’ – for replacing the fear of our diversity with respect and celebration. Cooperation is possible once we add the missing letter ‘o’ back into the word ‘corporation.’ There is a path to individual empowerment and healing and the possibility of creating a global family living in harmony with the Earth. Are you ready?
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