The How, Why, When of The Mythic Hero’s Journey

Are we spiritual beings on a human journey or human beings on a spiritual journey? The answer to this conundrum is YES. The mythic hero’s journey can be used to describe not only our pathway from birth to death (and rebirth) but the all the smaller cycles we travel to conscious evolution during the course of a lifetime. From naive trust and innocence we move through the adventure of growth to maturation and awareness through all the relationships, loves, passions, vocations and avocations that we enter, willingly of other wise. From our mentors we receive gifts for inspiration, courage and know-how. Through the threshold guardians we meet along the way, we are given the opportunity to test how far we have come on the pathway of evolving consciousness. Each of the cycles concludes with the possibility and potential of realization and understanding of who we are as individual sparks of Divinity— each completely unique, and at the same time, as unique as every other God Spark enjoying the gift of Life.
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The Syzygy Oracle offers a daily spiritual practice for introducing a contemporary interpretation the the ancient wisdom traditions of Tarot and Kabbalah, as a unfolding journey of spiritual growth in which the intuitive gifts of the Sacred Feminine are recognized, remembered and reintroduced into our conscious awareness.Card 7

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From the call to adventure, through learning to release, we transform and know that what we imagine can be.