The coming election as a focal point

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With the feeling of fall in the air and we turn inwards as this season encourages, our thoughts turn to the crucial decisions we will be making in November regarding the future we envisage for our nation with its global impact on the human family. We are reminded to take advantage of the privilege we have of using the ballot box to express our vision for the best that is possible for ourselves, our children and grandchildren and the planet that nurtures us.

Perhaps we will look beyond ourselves and consider how we can make our world more compassionate and just. Rabbi Rami Shapiro, in his inspirational book Minyan suggests that instead of living our lives governed by commandments and moral codes from any outside source, we take the responsibility of living our lives by vows that we personally and consciously undertake. offers us the opportunity of sponsoring a woman survivor of war. With a relatively small monthly contribution, we can actively help one family to enjoy some of the simple basic necessities we take for granted. gives us the possibility of helping a family living in abject physical poverty— with imagination, dreams and hopes still alive— to start a small business that will change their lives in ways we cannot even comprehend.

Lani Silver’s website, encourages us to become part of a movement to banish racism, perhaps the ultimate scourge in human experience, tragically alive and malevolently thriving in every community. Read Lani’s biography— she is truly an inspiration to women everywhere. So too is Al Gore. His acceptance speech given as he received his well-deserved Nobel Peace prize was deeply touching. Statesman that he is, he provides a wonderful example of taking a major setback in life and being able to find a different way of contributing to the welfare of all. Using role-models such as these, we can energize our own desire to play a small part in healing a broken world. We certainly can commit to make a difference in some small way, to take on one project, seriously and personally. We can start by making the best choices we can regarding the vital political decisions in November and encouraging everyone who has the right to vote to make sure they utilize this privilege.