Realities— seen and unseen

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I often wonder what my grandchildren see when they look at me. Other than my stories of my childhood and adult years before they were born, they know nothing of my experiences and, as Amy Tan so successfully revealed in The Joy Luck Club, it is not possible for one generation to understand the reality of another.

Today is Columbus Day, 2013 – the reality of Columbus’s character, life and times are not what we are taught in our schools as this article expounds:

So what do I think about today? I think about the paradox of this country of ours with its blessings and its challenges, its joys and it tragedies. I think about my first adult year in U.S. in MA, when on Columbus Day, I experienced the miracle of my first 17 inch snowfall in 1986. I think of The Magus, the second card in the The Syzygy Oracle who reminds me that belief and thought are not the same; that belief creates my own reality; and that the only way to still the internal chatter of thought is to become present to this sunny, beautiful day in Upstate New York in the peak of its Fall foliage and celebrate the trees.

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