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The New Age order calls for building the global society in harmony with the natural world. It is being grounded by conscious individuals who are learning to replace the old world fear of difference with a celebration of diversity. Nowhere are the two models better demonstrated than the political arena in these weeks before the 2008 election. With the collapse of the financial structures worldwide and the opportunity for new beginnings, we are feeling the stress of hard times ahead, as they did in Europe in the thirties. The fear of difference that was manipulated then— played, exaggerated, stretched and implemented in the minds of the unconscious masses is now part of human history, a tragedy that defies description.Shame on those who are willfully attempting to use the same tactics in our political arena now, manipulating those unconscious rally attendees who are responding with outrageous comments that hearken back to those dreadful days.

John O Donahue, the late Irish poet and philosopher, reminds us that fear is about the ‘force of falsification’ and has nothing to do with the truth. Fear blocks creativity, beauty and joy, and lies, like a heavy rock, over these human qualities, causing them to stultify. For those of us who recognize that weight of fear within, let it go. Visualize with me a critical mass of awakened Americans holding the balance.

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  1. Eve

    I was disheartened to hear this morning that French and German leaders decided against creating a common fund to save their collective financial structure. The only way for us to get through the transition is to embrace cooperation at every opportunity. We have to stop seeing our neighbors — whoever they are — as enemies, and recognize instead that we are one.

  2. Heather

    Beautifully said. Your comment reminds me of Spangler’s view about the two world orders, living side by side and not interconnecting. We need to keep our eye on the vision of the new way of being. Thanks so much for reminding us:-))

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