Meet Cheryl Fair . . .

Cheryl is a photographer/filmmaker whose photographs have been published internationally in magazines,newspapers, blogs, and books. Her short experimental films and music videos have been shown in film festivals, concerts, and on public television and cable television. Cheryl comes from a family tradition of card divination and began reading Tarot cards at the age of 18. She is also a professional astrologer and has been interpreting natal, transit, and relationship charts, for clients for over 25 years. Cheryl holds a B.A. in Visual Art from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and a J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law. To see more of Cheryl’s work go to her website

Meaning for The Moon card: “The Moon goddess invites you to explore deep rooted desires and complexes through dreams, daydreams, fantasies, and visions. A flood of feelings, emotions, sensitivity, and issues from your past come back to your consciousness so that you can reevaluate them. When unfavorably aspected The Moon indicates overwhelming emotions and projections, and a sense of danger.

About the Magical Realism Tarot deck:
Magical Realism is a genre of art or literature that incorporates fantastic or mythical elements into an otherwise realistic setting. The style of the scenic illustrations on the cards is the inspiration for the name of the deck. The interpretation of each card in the Magical Realism Tarot honors the traditional meaning ascribed to the cards, but emphasizes a more modern, psychological point of view that encourages self-empowerment and creative thinking. Fantasy, myth, and the unseen are part of our everyday lives and those perceptions have a bearing on our understanding of life. When using these cards, we combine both the “real” and the “magical” to better understand ourselves and our world.