Interweaving ancient traditions with flair

We breathe life into ancient words as we read them, images as we look at them and when we bring them into our consciousness, we create them again as they create and change who we are. Michael Bridge-Dickson has created a work of art that moves me visually, intellectually and spiritually. His Orbifold Tarot is a beautiful, simple, and contemporary expression of tarot, revealing the essence of tarot’s system through number and element through one basic form — the circle. From simplicity rises complexity, and complexity reduces to simplicity. Each card represents rhythm, balance, and pattern — in contrast to the chaos of life, reflected by the shuffled deck.

This use of circles, numbers, and elements creates a result that is both beautiful and minimal. Each design is built upon repeating circles, one color per element, plus black and white. Every variation in color, shape, and pattern results from the blending of the 6 basic colors, the arrangement of circles, and the repetition of those circles according to numerical value.

The Orbifold Tarot taps in to the subconscious and intuitive capacities, based on what we already associate with number, elements, color, and pattern. Its geometries and intrinsic interconnections are evocative and stimulating, yet strangely calming — facilitating a deep meditative state from which new connections are drawn, unseen perspectives are revealed, and reflection leads to insight.Those familiar with the Marseille tradition will appreciate the freedom afforded by returning to the basic number and element associations intrinsic to the tarot. Those more familiar with the scenic traditions will find The Orbifold Tarot a valuable abstraction that tests and challenges your knowledge while opening up new possibilities for interpretation.

Michael is a tarot reader and teacher, yoga instructor, graphic artist, and writer living in Montreal, Canada. He is also well versed in the princples of Ayurveda, which is the traditional sister practice of yoga, and is based on a five-Element system. His interest in both tarot and yoga is in helping people discover the intrinsic connections between the inner self and outer interactions. His blog, Mirrors of Consciousness explores various facets of tarot and continues to develop the art of tarot as a tool to tap into greater consciousness.