In the DNA?

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Is it in the stars or far closer— in our own genetic makeup? What shapes us and forms the basis of our interests, likes and passions? Like the answer to all paradoxical questions, I guess the answer to the dilemma is “yes.” Having had a detailed astrological chart drawn up, we realize that in the interconnections of the various constellations at the time of our birth, lies the blue print to all that interests us. This came as an amazing insight when I had my chart drawn up several years ago. It was all there— from my penchant to calligraphy to an abiding call to investigate the mysteries in our lives from the world of myth, mysticism and in particular, the meaning and influence of the Sacred Feminine in human affairs.

Then I watched the movie “Signs out of Time” that tells the story of Marija Gimbutas, amazing scholar, thinker, archeo-mythologist and teacher who introduced a novel way of viewing antiquities that makes pre-patriarchal culture come alive. The possibility that the patriarchal worldview of hierarchy and separation (of ourselves from Divinity, from one another and from nature) was not always the way human beings interacted, gives us great hope for the future.

Marija was born in Lithuania and through her profound wisdom, she was able to take the knowledge of the language, the songs, the stories and mythology of the region, and craft an intuitive vision of the past. As I watched the movie, I realized that my grandparents all came from Lithuania. They were forced to flee at the end of the 19th century because of rampant anti-semitism at the time. I have no idea of how long my family roots connect back to this geographic location as it is very difficult to trace our genealogy. What struck me was how deeply moved I was when I first heard Riane Eisler talking about Gimbutas’ findings some 25 years ago and how it resonated within me. I was very aware of being in the midst of a paradox – history as it was taught to me, or ‘herstory’ as felt real when I started studying Gimbutas’ book Language of the Goddess.

In the stars or our genetic memory? I celebrate the dilemma and the result.