For the time being . . .

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Card 7
I have just finished a wonderful novel by Ruth Ozeki entitled The Tale for The Time Being which brought this phrase to mind— I love the double entendre. Like the South African term, ‘just now’ which implies any time between now and death, ‘time being’ is about who we are— earth-born and heaven sent:-) As ‘time beings’ we live in the Eternal Now and yet how easy it is to forget as our attention is drawn to our memories of the past or anticipations about the future. We are both ‘time beings’ and ‘eternal beings’— the theme of the seventh card in The Syzygy Oracle where the archetypal ‘Enthusiast’ within each of us, dwelling in time under the The Tree of Knowledge aspires to additionally reach The Tree of Life, as our passions are ignited and we hear the call to be who we are, drawing together the Sacred Masculine ‘can-do’ energies with the creative intuitive voice of the Sacred Feminine. In the traditional deck, this card is entitled ‘The Lovers.’ What a perfect card and number— Card 7 to feature today, Nov 29, 2013 as The Syzygy Oracle is officially released into the world. Happy ‘birth’ day book and deck of oracular cards:-)