Death and the fear of transition

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Card 14

As our children excitedly don the scariest of Halloween costumes for a night of ‘trick or treat’ we can take a moment to consider the fact that the possibility of drawing the ‘Death’ card is one of the reasons that many people avoid the Tarot altogether. In The Syzygy Oracle, a contemporary interpretation of this ancient wisdom, the cards have all being renamed with verbs instead of nouns, and the name of this particular card is Releasing. Its theme is ‘I yield.’ Life is constantly in process as we transition from one phase in our lives to another. New beginnings are not possible without the ending of all that is outdated and no longer useful to us. Acknowledging that the Tarot is a symbolic system of recognizing the continually changing stages in our lives, always in flux, we can welcome the opportunity to release our challenges as easily as the trees around us release their leaves at the end of the summer.