And after the grandstanding is over . . .

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In the wonderful book, Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, they remind us that the Greek word ‘oikos‘ is significantly more than a popular yoghurt. The English words ‘economy’ and ‘ecology’ meaning ‘household’, ‘home’ or ‘family’ derive from this word. “We are cells in the body of humanity as well as citizens of the biosphere,” they tell us. On the morning after the conclusion of the enormous waste of time, energy and resources in the grandstanding over our debt ceiling once again, we wonder how we can assist those who are entrusted to govern us with understanding that we stand on the edge of a transformation of consciousness. Our financial and environmental wellness are as enmeshed as we are with one another. How wonderful it would be if the obstructionists in DC would understand the tenets of this book, it would make a great gift for them and for our society.Card 10