Sacred Feminine Kabbalah
Where ancient mystical wisdom and contemporary conscious evolution embrace in the shelter of the Sacred Feminine. Are you ready?


Heather offers lectures, empowerment workshops and retreats on Tarot, Jewish mysticism, evolving consciousness and developing an intuitive awareness of the Sacred or Divine Feminine in everyday life.

The New Eve: key to empowerment, healing and hope


Having taught classes in San Luis Obispo, CA, she has been a presenter for Elder Hostel and OLLI and has presented weekend retreats such as at The Mercy Center in St. Louis MO, as well as in college campuses, churches and fellowships, and synagogues around the country— Schenectady, Chicago, Sacramento, Berkeley, Carmel, Kauai, Santa Cruz, Cambria and Santa Barbara.

She offers workshops, classes and readings on daily spiritual practice using her oracle decks, The Sacred Mandala Tarot and The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle as well as The Syzygy Oracle deck— all decks she designed.

Previous presentations included:

Eve, God and the Quantum Age
Taking the Fruit
Embracing the Change
Ancient wisdom for Transitional Times
Living The Life Unseen
The Metaphoric Life
Women and Nature
Soul Spirit and The Seven Directions
Judaism and Shamanism— really?
Creative Midrash
Walking the Path of Balance
Hidden face of Judaism
A Taste of Judaism
10 steps to a Spiritual Practice
Kabbalah and The Near Death Experience
Kabbalah and the Exodus
Present in the Presence

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