Sacred Feminine Kabbalah
Where ancient mystical wisdom and contemporary conscious evolution embrace in the shelter of the Sacred Feminine. Are you ready?

Presentations and Media


Eve, God and Evolving Consciousness on Ezine Articles

Transforming Divinity, Transforming Ourselves in the April 2010 edition of Bridges: a Jewish feminist journal

Biblical Eve, God and Quantum Age in the September 2010 edition of Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction


“Empower Yourself” radio show with Selina Kahn, February 18, 2010

Listen to Heather’s December 9, 2009 interview with Liz Sterling on LITE Miami 101.5 FM. Visit

“Believe” radio show with Barbara Bruce on White Mountain Radio, Arizona, October 25, 2009


Eve, The Sacred Feminine and Evolving Consciousness


Truth and reconciliation: from apartheid to the celebration of diversity

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