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The Parallax Oracle: Archetypal Kabbalah, Tarot and The Tree of Life

If you would like to read the Minor Arcana with the heart of a kabbalist, this is the book and deck of cards to you. Just the Fibonacci sequence underlies the sacred geometric spiral of life, the kabbalistic Tree of Life underlies the human journey of spiritual beings. In an age of cultural fusion, what happens when you interweave Kabbala and Tarot? You find a spiritual practice arising, a deepening intuitive awareness and connection us to the underlying Oness of all Life. Experienced Tarot readers add nuanced layers of spirituality to their present understanding of the Minor Arcana. Aspiring kabbalists find in these images and explanations new insights that awaken the experience and expression of self-discovery and personal empowerment.

What readers are saying:

Heather Mendel’s inspired and updated joining of Kabbalah and Tarot is a masterpiece of magical art. This is a special gift to those of us who appreciate intelligent forms of divination and self-assessment. The commentary is written with craft and clarity. I recommend it to you as a serious and fun practice.Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul

Heather Mendel’s profoundly creative and artistic presentation of The Parallax Oracle expands ancient wisdom from the Kabbalah and Tarot to offer what our time most needs — an authentic evolution of ancient wisdom updated for this moment. Let this map of Consciousness unfold for you — from the inside out. Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, author of A Journey of Awakening: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tree of Life.

An author surrounded by rabbinic tradition, well versed in the practice of Kabbalistic mysteries, Mendel presents a guide that satisfies left and right brain. The history and rationale behind the Parallax Oracle is thoroughly documented and explained. Kabbalistic wisdom is skillfully wedded to the intuitive dance of the Tarot. The questioning resulting from this oracular synthesis goes beyond prognostication. It takes us to a place where seekers and guides find themselves with the opportunity to exert their free will and wisely choose the next steps in the journey. Robert Sachs, author of The Path of Civility and The Ecology of Oneness.

Cards such as these can be mirrors or windows: mirrors if you seek insight into yourself; windows if you seek wisdom of the Self. Heather Mendel’s The Parallax Oracle and its companion The Syzygy Oracle are more about questions than answers, more about Self than self. Move into this work slowly and allow Heather to guide you on a kabbalistic journey that never ends. Rabbi Rami Shapiro author of Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent

The intuitive and knowledge-based approaches to understanding tarot are sadly often seen as separate and even contradictory. Heather Mendel has found a way to combine the two approaches that finally gives a clear, compelling and much-needed holistic way of reading the cards. The Parallax Oracle beautifully harmonizes the tradition of the Tree of Life with the norms of intuitive reading practice. A must-read for tarot students at all levels of experience. Wald Amberstone, Director, The Tarot School

The Parallax Oracle deck will elevate you and your reading practice to a new, more profoundly personal and divine relationship with yourself and the cards. Sheilaa Hite, author of 101 Tarot Spreads

Kabbalah is a received tradition that is renewed in each generation so that its teachings are described as “new old words.” Heather Mendel’s new book and deck, The Parallax Oracle fits this definition perfectly, blending traditional wisdom with rich new insights that arise out of dialog with other traditions. This is our good fortune, because Mendel has given us a deceptively simple guide to the workings of Divine energy and how we can connect with it to reach the soul’s highest potential. Mark Horn, author of Gates of Light Tarot

The linkage with the four suits of the Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree Of Life has long been a mainstay of the esoteric tradition. And yet, there has sometimes seemed something missing, a sense of what it might mean for us, for example, to know that the 3 of Swords refers us to Binah, the third position on the Tree, in the realm of thinking. Heather Mendel lovingly fills in these gaps, showing how the cards we draw, and the places on the Tree they reference, reveal themselves in our lives, and the choices we face. Rachel Pollack, author of Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom.</strong.

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Two Trees in Eden

Four Worlds, Four Seasons, Four Wines and Fruits, Four Questions

At last! Here is a seder service of healing for Tu B’Shvat—The New Year Of The Trees. Offered as a kabbalistic storytelling that reminds us of our connection and responsibility to honor the earth, we read, we share, we eat— enjoying nourishment for both body and soul. The cover image is from a card I designed for The Syzygy Oracle and reminds us that we live in a world of polarities. Our challenge is to move from fear to love. We ate from the Tree of Knowledge and aspire to the Tree of Life.

Are you curious, willing and courageous enough to journey forward?

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The Magic Moon Lenormand

This set of workbook and 2 decks— one regular and one mini is a unique design feature for this combo. The different size decks offer a choice of either for smaller readings, but for the Grand Tableau, the larger deck is laid out in sequence as the Houses and the smaller deck is shuffled and laid out on top, leaving the relevant information of the Houses available. The card illustrations are clear, simple and easily recognizable on a black background that represents the mystery out of which everything arises. Included in the logo at the top of each card, is the name of the card and its associated playing card. To make the connection with the playing deck easily recognizable for added layers of information, the border designs are color coded— yellow, blue, green and pink— described and explained in the book. Interpretations of the cards is contemporary and egalitarian, revising the patriarchal tenor of the traditional Lenormand.

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SFK Tarot image

The Sacred Mandala Tarot: mystery, mindfulness and manifestation

This deck of 80 cards (78 plus an additional ‘Strength’ and ‘Justice’ for those who prefer the Marseilles numbering) mirrors contemporary American society in a celebration of it diverse ethnicities, cultures and gender awareness. It interweaves the practice of mindfulness and kabbalah with the mythic teachings of the hero’s journey. The accompanying 200 page book features an inspirational foreword by Carrie Paris. In Part 2, there are full page black and white photos of each card as well as a page of information about the design and use of each — helpful for learning the meaning of each card, suggestions for reading as part of a spread and individual spiritual practice. Also included are 7 spreads that may be helpful.

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SLMOThe Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle Card Decks

This deck of 36 cards includes and introductory instructional guide and 4 bonus cards. Enjoy the beauty of the elegant symbols of the Lenormand, paired with a kaleidoscopic mandala to beautify each card. The white frame encourages the easy linking of one card to another. Lenormand is rapidly gaining in popularity as the best way to sharpen the intuitive sense to answer our most pressing questions in ways that are easy to understand. Lenormand is a great tool to develop confidence in your ability to perceive and enjoy the coincidences, synchroncities and serendipities around us— delightful clues that the magical and mystical intuitive sense is alive and well. The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle is now available.

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SOCDThe Syzygy Oracle Card Decks

Combo: Deck and Book $55 plus shipping and handing:

The card deck is composed of 32 cards—the first 22 oracle cards are based on Tarot’s Major Arcana, now renamed, renumbered and freshly illustrated with empowering feminine archetypal figures that honor the Sacred Feminine. Each card represents one of the letter/numbers of the Hebrew alphabet, and one pathway on kabbalah’s Tree of Life (a diagram of 10 energy centers and 22 pathways) that teaches, among other universal truths, that all is One. The final 10 cards in the deck symbolize the 10 sefirot on Kabbalah’s Tree of Life.The Syzygy Oracle is a primer of kabbalah, Tarot and our pathway to conscious evolution.

The accompanying 22 page book The Syzygy Oracle: Transformational Tarot and The Tree of Life. Ego, Essence and the Evolution of Consciousness, Dodona Books, 2013

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SOTowards Freedom

Towards Freedom: a feminist haggadah for men and women, signed and personalized.

Price: $20
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SODancing In The Footsteps of Eve

Dancing In The Footsteps of Eve: retrieving the healing gift of the Sacred Feminine for the human family through myth and mysticism bridges the worlds of Judaism, feminism and spirituality. The book, signed and personalized is available now!

Price: $20
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mcgha-color200x200Meditational Coloring Grids of The Hebrew Alphabet

This set of twenty-two 8.5 x 11 sheets offers an opportunity for a meditation-in-ink— each page based on one of the Hebrew letters. Take time to relax in a creative and fun way, as you listen to some of your favorite music and engage in an intimate connection with the inspirational magic of the Hebrew letters. Larger in format the original ‘alefbet grids’ offered lower on this page, the patterned design of the grids is larger and easier to use as a meditative coloring practice.

Designed as an integral feature of the cards of The Syzygy Oracle, these designs can be used in conjunction with the deck or alone as a spiritual practice. Some users enjoying selecting a design for coloring and then finding the associated card from the deck as a focus of meditation for that day.

Time to de-stress? Here is the perfect gift for anyone on the spiritual path.

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A Complete Lenormand 2 Card Combo List can be downloaded here as 36 page pdf as a guide for all 36 cards in combination with every other card – $7.50
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