Sacred Feminine Kabbalah
Where ancient mystical wisdom and contemporary conscious evolution embrace in the shelter of the Sacred Feminine. Are you ready?

As seen on The Resonance Project

As seen on
The Resonance Project

Celebrate diversity and sanctify life


South African born, Heather Mendel – mystic, artist, author and intuitive reader is drawn to the call of the mystical where myth and metaphor reside, where we connect deeply to Divinity and divination. Nothing is as it appears. Are you willing to delve beneath the surface and the superficial?

Heather as Artist       Heather as Author       Heather as Intuitive Reader

  • Our lives are an evolving tapestry of our beliefs, some revealed, others concealed. Are you ready to welcome the intuitive into your life?
  • To the gently pulsing rhythm of the cosmos. The Sacred Feminine is rising and throughout the world women are feeling the resonance. The Sacred Masculine is stirring in response as the dance of synthesis celebrates our diversity in the evolution of human consciousness. Are you ready to dance?
  • Coincidence is Divinity’s way of remaining anonymous as synchronicity abounds and serendipity reinvests enchantment in our lives. Are you ready for the magic?

Are you ready?

The Syzygy Oracle celebrates its 4th ‘birthday’ Nov 27.

To celebrate its coming of age, the deck has been revised to include the traditional name of each card.

New revised  decks are available now


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